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What a welcoming place this is, full of light and truth and open-hearted goodness. In other words, all the things that the world is crying out for today. Best wishes to all, Carol

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Thanks for the update, and for the extra information about your background. I studied in Canada back in the mid eighties; started off with a psychology major and English Lit minor, and ended up somehow with a Bachelor in Education....was not quite satisfied with that so travelled for a year in Europe, and then set off for the big city of TO to study design and fashion at Ryerson University. Worked in the design field for about a decade, and ended up back in Europe....it's been almost 30 years since I left Canada! I spent two fabulous years in New York before living in Munich, and now I call Switzerland home. Thank goodness I am not in Canada; I do not recognise it any more. I have felt rather free here in comparison. My passion is children's literature, and I do own a lot of picture books. I wrote my own story last year, and I'm working on the illustrations. I have not sent it to anyone, but have received some really nice feedback. After my daughter leaves the nest this August, I have lofty plans to do my Masters in English Lit with a focus on female roles in children's literature. I love to write, and also paint, but getting back to being active in these two areas has been slow going. I hope to change that when the focus is back on me, instead of my two children. It's always about the timing, right? Nice to be here, and looking forward to sharing with others. Thanks Al.

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Thanks for the encouragement!

I am working on a piece. It is a slow process.

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